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Things that go bump

Published: Wednesday, Oct. 4, 2017 12:13 p.m. CST

There’s something odd going on in my house. I’m not necessarily saying it’s haunted, but peculiar things occur and try as I might, I can’t always debunk them.

I admit I’m a fan of a few of the television programs on ghost hunting and I’ve gleaned enough information to know, 1) try to find a logical reason for the unusual happening; and 2) never use a Ouija board.

There was the time I was the only one at home. I have a corner curio cabinet at the foot of my staircase displaying all my figurines, including a little nativity music box. I was upstairs doing something-or-other and suddenly I could hear music playing. I yelled down, thinking one of the kids came home and their phone was ringing. No one answered me but the music continued. The house was silent other than that music. So I headed downstairs and realized where the melody was coming from... that nativity music box. But as soon as I rounded the landing, the music stopped. I went straight to the curio cabinet, opened it, and there was my music box, with the lever switched to the off position. It’s not often I have that cabinet open — just for the occasional removal of layers of dust and it appeared it had been awhile since I tended to those shelves — so it was easy to conclude nothing had been moved. All dust was intact, including the dust on the music box, tucked at the back on one of the shelves.

There was also the time Hubby was helping me put fresh sheets on the bed. I saw college kid — in high school at the time — walk past my door headed downstairs and I called to him to bring me a glass of water when he came back upstairs, only to find out he was still in his bedroom down the hall. There were only three of us at home. I’m telling you I saw I tall person walk past my bedroom, and the ONLY tall person in my family is college kid.

We have a little Jack Russell-Rat Terrier, Cricket. They say many dogs have a sixth sense — an extrasensory perception — and I am on board with that notion because I think Cricket has that ability. I’m a reasonably intelligent person but when she starts cocking her head sideways, growling at an empty space or backing up as though someone is instructing her... I pull my blanket up a little closer to my chin.

So anyway...

The current situation I have involves the closet door in my laundry room. We aren’t in that closet often. It just has containers of old photos, the kids’ keepsake totes and a file cabinet filled with every receipt/warranty/instruction manual for every item we have ever purchased — yeah, I’m one of those people. You have to turn the knob on the closet to open the door and the latch clicks when it closes. But every morning when I walk in there, the closet door is open, always about 10 inches. And it can’t just swing open on it’s own. It’s a solid old door that needs pulled open and pushed closed as it drags a bit on the carpeted floor.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly not afraid to be in my own home. I love my old house. It has character. Character I can see, and maybe characters I can’t.

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